2019 – Fabio Liverani (U.S. Lecce)

Reason: Per avere riportato il Lecce in serie A a distanza di otto anni dall’ultima volta. Il merito del tecnico è anche quello di avere ottenuto questo grande risultato offrendo un calcio spettacolare e cercando sempre di raggiungere la vittoria attraverso il bel gioco.

2018 – Filippo Inzaghi

Reason: Ha guidato il Venezia fino ai play-off, sfiorando la serie A, nonostante la squadra avesse cominciato il campionato con l’obiettivo della salvezza. Ha così ripetuto l’eccezionale risultato della stagione precedente, quando ha vinto il campionato di serie C con lo stesso Venezia. Ha soprattutto dimostrato, oltre a preparazione e competenza, una passione unica per questo sport: è stato uno dei più grandi attaccanti della storia eppure non ha esitato a ripartire dal basso per costruire una grande carriera anche da allenatore.

2017 – Leonardo SEMPLICI (Spal)

Reason: Per aver riportato in serie A, la Spal dopo 49 anni di assenza, conseguendo la promozione dalla B un solo anno dopo averla riconquistata vincendo il campionato di serie C. Per lo stile e la signorilità che contraddistinguono il suo comportamento.

2016 – Ivan JURIC (Crotone)

Reason: For having hit a historic achievement managing to combine good football and group management in a tough league like the series B

2015 – Fabrizio CASTORI (Carpi)

Reason: Castori is a technician that worked its way up from promoting to reach the Series A continuous ringing victories. Example of coach who has accepted the bench Carpi without imposing on his staff, accepting altresi that made available by the companies with whom he collaborated fruitfully. Appreciated for his human qualities and character, he has left an indelible mark in Carpi with the historic promotion to Serie A.

2014 – Maurizio SARRI (Empoli F.C.)

Reason: His career is proof of how nothing is impossible as long as we like. From bank employee to architect of the historic return to Empoli after climbing one by one the steps that led up into the tournament starting from the amateurs of Be, the first team that he coached, never give up. Sacrifice, commitment, work, development of young: Sarri is one of the symbols of the Tuscan club, authentic model of organization and ability to discover talent.

2013 – Eusebio DI FRANCESCO (Sassuolo Calcio)

Reason: It is reborn three times: from player to team manager, then staff, then great, imaginative coach. With Sassuolo has completed an enterprise, which has little of football (soccer matters a lot in the economic aspect) and very epic. Francesco has responded well to those who had raised mistakenly from office in Lecce. His is a real football but spectacular; offensive, but attentive to the defense; a synthesis of emotion and rationality.

2012 – Zdenek ZEMAN (Pescara Calcio)

Reason: The jury decided to award the prize as the best coach of Manlio Scopigno series B for the 2012 season to technical Zdenek Zeman. This recognition is not only assigned to the technical Bohemian for the exciting season in which he led his Pescarain Serie A, but also wants to reward his entire career, based on a few but precise rules such as consistency, loyalty, respect for rules and the search result through the beautiful game with no “short cuts”. Zeman is also the coach who perhaps more ‘all approaches to what was the idea of football Manlio Scopigno coach philosopher, for his way of understanding the disenchanted and brilliant football, his charisma and quiet, all without It is never boring.

2011 – Antonio CONTE (A.C. Siena)

Reason: The prize is intended to reward Manlius Scopigno coaches who stand out not only for his achievements during the season but also for their moral qualities and the ability to bring innovations in the world of football. The jury of journalists decided to reward Mr Antonio Conte for the excellent results obtained with a spectacular game and innovative, it has ushered the ‘AC Siena deserved return to Serie A. Every victory of his team has never been trivial, but the result of painstaking work that oozes from every single action of his team.

2010 – Giuseppe PILLON (Ascoli Calcio)

Reason: The Prize awarded to Giuseppe Pillon does recognize not only the merits of the coach Ascolano sports, but also the moral qualities manifested during the match Ascoli – REGGINA when he returned to the opponents a goal made by his players, with an opposing player in Earth; the award is also recognition of the career full of brilliant results, especially in the years of Treviso, when he led the Venetians from D to A, and with Chievo Verona with whom he reached the Champions League preliminaries.

2009 – Franco COLOMBA (Ascoli Calcio)

Reason: The award for best coach of second division of the current season goes to Mr. Franco Colomba, technical dell’Ascoli.Il coach is succeeding in a business miracle: revive a team that seemed destined to an inevitable relegation. With his arrival, the technician Grosseto has managed to slip a-row of victories that led the Marche next to the quiet area overlooking the playoffs. The victory of the Colomba is the revenge of a gentleman of the bench, a technician who, after a bright start to his career, had suffered a series of mishaps that now seem brilliantly overcome. Our hope is that this prestigious award give even greater momentum to Ascoli and the careers of the coach.

2008 – Elio GUSTINETTI (Albinoleffe)

Reason: The jury decided to award the prize Manlio Scopigno, dedicated to the best coach of the current season of the series B, to Mr Elio Gustinetti, technical dell’Albinoleffe. Mr. Gustinetti in recent championships has obtained great results in all the categories where she worked. The pride of the technical Lombard is the masterpiece made with Albinoleffe, conducted from C1 to B and, after a period of consolidation, the current dragged the fight to get in the top flight. All with brilliant game and organized .Our hope is that this recognition will serve as the technical launching pad for a carrierra even more full of successes.

2007 – Leo ACORI (Rimini Calcio)

Reason: The choice for the tournament series B fell on Leonardo Acori coach in recent championships has achieved great results in all categories. The pride of the technical Umbrian was ridden triumph with which he conducted the Romagna from C2 to Serie B thanks to a brilliant game and always spectacular.

2006 – Stefano COLANTUONO (Atalanta Calcio)

Reason: The choice for the tournament series B fell on Stefano Colantuono, coach in the last championships has achieved great results in all categories, and, this season, led Atalanta to a well-deserved promotion to Serie A. Colantuono, moreover, has stood for elegance, agility and balance. Colantuono, as a player, he was a defender gruff but fair, with many years of A and B behind. From Lazio coach he sent them up to the accumulated experience and infused his legendary fighting spirit. Colantuono is a winner, he did in all categories and now is preparing to do so in A. Our hope is that this small recognition serves as a springboard for a career even more brilliant and successful.

2005 – Mario SOMMA (Empoli F.C.)

Reason: The prize for this season goes to Mario Somma, coach for the past three seasons has achieved great results in all categories, and, this season, led Empoli to a well-deserved promotion to Serie A, achieved through a spectacular game. Amount, moreover, has stood for elegance, sportiness and equilibrio.Del Lazio coach also liked the pose with the media, never dull and always marked by a form of dialogue lively and intelligent. Splendid and exemplary, finally, his relationship with his son Michael, whose presence on the bench has served as an example to show the educational value of football. Our hope is that this small recognition serve as a springboard to a career even more brilliant and successful.