Motivation: Manlio Scopigno Award as best director of the youth sector to Vincenzo Vergine because his eyes and intuition would uncover talent even at the North Pole. In the environment he is known as “the professor” because there is only something to learn from him. Wherever he went he left his mark, discovering talents, winning cups and championships and re-establishing youth sectors.

2022 – Roberto SAMADEN (F.C. Internazionale)

2021 – Roberto SAMADEN (F.C. Internazionale)

2020 – Maurizio COSTANZI (Atalanta Calcio)

2019 – Maurizio COSTANZI (Atalanta Calcio)

2018 – Roberto SAMADEN (F.C. Internazionale)

2017 – Maurizio COSTANZI (Atalanta Calcio)

2016 – Maurizio COSTANZI (Atalanta Calcio)

2015 – Stefano BRAGHIN (F.C. Juventus)

2014 – Gianfranco MATTEOLI (Cagliari Calcio)