Motivation: Manlio Scopigno Award as best manager of the year to Cristiano Giuntoli, architect of the Napoli of wonders and example of how a sports manager or any other company should work. In times where many boast of choosing players with algorithms, Giuntoli has demonstrated that football is a subject that must be known, studied but above all experienced. From the fields of the minor leagues to the Allianz Stadium in Turin the road is long, but Giuntoli has covered it all, without any help, but only with his own abilities.

2022 – Adriano Galliani
Motivation: The recognition as Manager of The Year 2021/2022 goes not only to his amazing career, we remember that he is the manager with the most trophies on the bulletin board, but also to his new adventure with A.C. Monza, brought about thanks to his passion and expertise in Serie A, for the first time in its history

2022 – Walter Sabatini

2021 – Paolo MALDINI ( A.C. Milan )

2020 – Igli TARE ( S.S. Lazio )

2019 – Fabio PARATICI ( F.C. Juventus )

2018 – Fabio PARATICI ( F.C. Juventus )

2017 – Igli TARE (S.S. Lazio)

2016 – Fabio PARATICI (F.C. Juventus)

2015 – Giuseppe MAROTTA (F.C. Juventus)

2014 – Walter SABATINI (A.S. Roma)

2013 – Claudio LOTITO (S.S. Lazio)