The 29th Scopigno Cup Amatrice – Rieti World Football Tournament Under 17 continues, Manlio and Loris Scopigno memorial with the third day of matches played today at the “Marco Gudini” stadium in Rieti. It will be an Italian-speaking final that will be played tomorrow morning at the Paride Tilesi Stadium in Amatrice between Inter and Rome. Appointment at 3.15 pm with live Rai Sport (Canale 58).

At 10.00 am again in Amatrice, the final for third and fourth place will see Lazio and NK Domžale (Slovenia) playing.
The Fair Play Cup will make it possible to see the Lodigiani Calcio and Brøndby IF teams still on the pitch who will play at 17.00 again on the Tilesi field.
This morning Inter and Brøndby IF visited the historic center of the city of Rieti and then the teams went, guests of the Varrone Foundation, to visit the exhibition “Beyond an adverse fate, the art of Amatrice and Accumoli from the earthquake to rebirth”.
At the exhibition hall of the Municipality of Rieti from 1 to 5 September, the International exhibition of graphics of contemporary and historicized works and artists, organized by the A.S.D., is open from 10.00 to 24.00 with free admission. Scopigno Cup as part of the 29th Scopigno Cup Rieti – Amatrice.
“Tomorrow we will close this exciting tournament with a flourish – confirms the president of the ASD Scopigno Cup Fabrizio Formichetti – tomorrow we will have the pleasure of having the National Band of Granatieri di Sardegna to play the anthem of Italy in Amatrice; I thank the Army General Staff and General Corbucci, commander of the NBC school, for the precious logistical support provided in these days “.

Here are today’s results:

SS Lazio vs Brøndby IF 1-0

SS LAZIO: Renzetti; Cannatelli, Zazza (22 ‘st Iobbi), Petta, Giranelli; Di Tommaso (12th Di Biagio), Nazzaro (C), Oliva; Of Porto, Giubrone; Bigotti (22 ‘st Di Nunzio).
Available: Polidori (GK), Di Venanzio, Zanchetta, Reddavide, Rizzo.
All .: D’Urso.

BRØNDBY IF: Schou; Søndergaard M. (1 ‘st Bjergfeldt), Søndergaard P. B., Øzkul (1’ st Gulstorff Pedersen), Tran (C); Jensen M., Durlev (22 ‘st Sørensen), Pedersen (1’ st Nartey); Schaffalitzky de muckadel (12 ‘st Allentoft); Salah (1 ‘st Jalaei), Kold (12’ st Harritsø).
Available: Sommerlund Eriksen.
Coach: Jensen S.
Referee: Mr. Andrea Prencipe of Tivoli.
Assistant 1: Mr. Andrea Garcia from Rome 1.
Assistant 2: Mr. Victor Viziru from Rome 1.
Scorers: 30 ‘+ 1 pt Giubrone (SS Lazio U17).
Booked: 29 ‘Di Tommaso (SS Lazio U17), 11’ st Di Porto (SS Lazio U17), 11 ‘st Jalaei (Brøndby IF U17), 29’ st Oliva (SS Lazio U17), 30 ‘st Di Biagio (SS Lazio U17).
Expelled: none.

NK Domžale vs FC Inter 0-3

NK DOMŽALE: Trivunčević (1 ‘st Štiftar); Remić, Salešević, Golič, Krebs; Staš; Hodžič (30 st ’Jusič), Topalović, Nalo (1’ st Majcen), Bukovec (27 ’st Karahodžič); Javorič.
Available: Sojer, Budzak.
Coach: Ante Bratić.
FC INTER: Tommasi; Ciuffo, Stanković, Casani I., Castegnaro (22 ‘st Gallo); Fois (27 ‘st Ndianefo), Bovo, Berenbruch (17’ st Mazzola); De Pieri (1 ‘st Quieto); Pedrini (1 ‘st Vedovati), Esposito (14’ st Spinaccè).
Available: Cecchini (GK), Miconi, Casani T.
Coach: Tiziano Polenghi.
Referee: Mr. Manuel Bellucci from Rome 1.
Assistant 1: Mr. Francesco Raganelli from Rome 1.
Assistant 2: Mr. Andrea Scionti from Rome 1.
Scorers: 12 ‘pt Pedrini (FC Inter), 12’ Vedovati (FC Inter), 27 ‘Gallo (FC Inter).
Booked: none.
Expelled: none.